Discover The Secret Of How I Got Rich!

Hi, I'm Rob and I'm a Computing graduate from the UK.I've been working online since the late 1990's and in the past ran a profitable web design and IT support company from home.

After a very traumatic time in the early 2000's I quit the business which had now grown from myself to five full time employees based in a prestigious High street location. People thought I'd lost my mind walking away from a successful Internet/Computer based business with a lucrative salary and flexible working hours.

I had enough money to do whatever I wanted, but it still wasn't enough. I attended business conventions and was invited to attend charity events. I now could afford to buy the sports car I always wanted, I could go on holiday If I wanted, I could buy almost anything I wanted, but I wasn't happy. I quit it all and moved to live at the foot of the Mountains in Snowdonia, North Wales, close to the sea and surrounded by spectacular scenery.

I quit it all to heal and to start anew.

I started to pursue avenues which interested me, I created some products in a self-help niche and set up an online ecommerce site and signedup for Google Adsense.

For a couple of years I watched my earnings go from a few dollars a day to a couple of hundred. I really started making money after being inspired by "5 Bucks a day" by Dennis Becker. This great book is a good investment and the blueprint provided works like a dream.

The best thing is that all of the tools I use to work online are free, there's no expensive membership sites, ebooks or software required. Just a computer, Paypal account and an Internet connection.

What's more I'll even teach you how to do everything that I do in my free ebook. "The Work From Home Blueprint.

In the ebook you'll learn:
  • How to research a niche
  • How to create an information product for free
  • How to market your product for free

This simple system makes me $100 a day on average and once you have the system in place you'll only have to work a couple of hours a day.