Legitimate online jobs is there such a thing?

There are numerous online jobs,however with a failing global economy, there are many people looking for an opportunity to find legitimate online jobs. However there are a multitude of online schemes which promise results, but deliver nothing . The internet is awash with scams.

I have noticed recently that there are a number of businesses offering oppotunities with Google jobs and working online from home. Avoid ads you see promoting such schemes like the plague as none of these opportunities are legitimate. Google does not employ anyone on the internet and you will be making a big mistake if you invest in such schemes.

Ok, so what is the best approach for someone looking for legitimate online jobs? and how can you differentiate from the rubbish and the true opportunities?

A good rule of thumb is that anyone charging a fee to set you up is probably a scammer, you don't pay for real job opportunities...it's the other way around.

Forget about surveys too, some are legitimate, but they are a complete waste of your time and only good for getting you loads of sales calls and annoying emails. It's just too much for too litlle and comparable to the old envelope stuffing campaigns, it's just not worth it.

More than often too, these survey companies will try to pay you in credits and coupons, which means that you won't be paid in "real" cash at all.

The best way to find out  if legitimate online jobs are truly so then, do some research. It's unlikey that someone has not been burned if the opportunity is a bogus one and will have written about it somewhere.

You will also find that for a lot of  these jobs, you will require a quiet working environment. Some of these lines of work will require you to use the phone and it is not wise to have children screaming in the background as you are communicating on the telephone or Skype with your new boss.

The best idea is to create your own legitimate online jobs. You can do this by building a web site and setting up an online business in your spare time. You can create anything on any subject area you have passion for

one way of finding a legitimate online job is to build yourself a website, in effect an online CV where you can advertise your sklills, talents and professional qualifications. With some promotion through social networks you can attract potential employers this way. I used this type of approach, but rather than advertising my skills I was selling a product I made. This was successful in two areas, I made money from selling my software but also was approached by people who wanted to employ me as a freelancer or to JV with me. I have made thousands of dollars that way.

You can also use your site as a funnel to affilaite offers and also other products you have developed. It really is a good strategy and works very well for me.

This is a route to true financial independence and will pay you much more money than any survey filling scheme will ever do.

In conclusion:

- Forget about any scheme which requires you to fork out your hard earned cash as you can easily make money online for free.
- Don't pay anyone to find you a job
- Do your research, find out how much success other people are having online with such schemes
by visiting forums in the niche.
- Think about starting your own online business, doing so will fare you much better in the long term.

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